Frequently asked questions


After many years as a professional photographer Neil White created the original concept of using the sunrise as a memento to remember "The First Day" . The first day of the rest of their lives. Neil realized this concept with the birth of his first nephew in August 1995.

The gift of a framed photograph of the sunrise on the actual day of  the birth of Neil's nephew and nieces was a great hit. Soon many friends and family were asking Neil to take the sunrises for their special days too.

After a few test shooting days in September 1998 Neil formally started First Day Photography ® on 27th December 1998

Q. What is the authenticity of each date ?

It is a matter of great personal and professional pride for Neil White that the published date of the sunrise is the actual date

Q. How is the authenticity of each date shown ?

An authentication sticker showing the date, location and signed by Neil is provided with every sunrise product sold

Q. Are the sunrises taken on film or digital camera ?

After many years of shooting sunrises on 35mm film Neil now shoots the sunrise on a Canon 5D digital camera (images on the web site are 35mm film unless otherwise stated)

Q. Are your digital images photo-shopped ?


Q. Why is each day a different location ?

Anyone can set up a static camera and hope for the best. Each day the sunrise conditions are extremely variable. Neil believes to get the best of any given day you need to select the best spot for that day. And how boring would the same spot each day be

Q. Can I request a particular location ?

Yes. Over the years Neil has received many requests for particular locations for sentimental reason. Place first met, wedding day location etc

Q. Why are some days grey ?

Just as every child is unique, every sunrise is unique

Q. What if its raining ?

Neil prides himself on trying to capture a beautiful image everyday, rain hail or shine

Q. Why are there days missing in the early years ?

The sunrises is photographed everyday. But its a lot of work to scan each day. We are more than happy to add requested missing days to the web site

Q. How long will the sunrise print last ?

A life time. The sunrise prints are actually photographic enlargements. All framed sunrises are mounted on acid free backs

Q. Tell me about the calligraphy ?

Your requested words are hand done by a professional calligrapher

Q. Are there any limitations on the calligraphy ?

Only the space available on the mount

Q. Aren't you a bit expensive ?

Quality does cost a little more. But a life time memory is worth it

Q. What warranty or guarantee do you have on your products ?

We are happy to rectify any quality issue within the first 12 months

Q. What if the product is damaged when delivered to us ?

We will than happily replace your sunrise for you..

Q. Is my privacy protected ?

Yes. We only keep information for internal and billing purposes. No information is sold or passed to a third party

Q. Will your oldest dates remain the same price as current dates ?

No. Once we reach the 10 year milestone the oldest dates will be priced accordingly

Q. Has a day ever been missed ?

No. But about 3 days are unavailable due to photo lab mishaps. Not bad for greater than 5,500 days in a row

Q. Do you ever get tired of getting up so early every morning ?

Usually no. Mornings are Neil's favorite time of the day

Q. Will a budget product be introduced ?

Yes. A budget framed print is being looked at. This would be a single image per day taken on digital camera. The calligraphy would be printed and the delivery time should be short. Pricing to be advised